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International Reach

WTA’s services extend beyond the Lebanese borders. We have projects in 13 different countries in the Middle East and Africa; always trying to improve tomorrow with the use of green technologies, innovation and the best quality through the best technologies.

Bahrain - Congo - Cyprus - Egypt - Jordan - KSA - Kuwait - Lebanon - Morrocco - Nigeria - Qatar - Senegal - Syria - UAE - Ivory Coast - Gabon - Kenya - Algeria - Romania - Australia

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# 164 - M284 King's Road View
Abou Al Hassan Villa View
Al Faleh View
Al Muhaidib Family Residence View
Al Munajem View
Al Mussalam Palace View
Al Tayseer Hotel View
Bin Mahfouz Beach House View
Casa Abbar View
Casa Hoda View
Casa Manoli View
Casa Rana View
Casa Santorini View
Casa Sara View
CCI View
Jeddah Office View
KAUST Hotel View
KIA Showroom View
Lamina Tower View
Manna center View
Park Inn View
Prime Cinemas Zero 6 Juraina View
Riyadh 18 Villas View
Riyadh International Bowling Center View
TBT Riyadh View
Villa Bador View
Villa Hajaj View
Villa Nasir Al Miman View
Villa Xefos View
Wooden Bakery-KSA View