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International Reach

WTA’s services extend beyond the Lebanese borders. We have projects in 13 different countries in the Middle East and Africa; always trying to improve tomorrow with the use of green technologies, innovation and the best quality through the best technologies.

Bahrain - Congo - Cyprus - Egypt - Jordan - KSA - Kuwait - Lebanon - Morrocco - Nigeria - Qatar - Senegal - UAE - Ivory Coast - Gabon - Kenya - Algeria - Romania - Australia - United Kingdom - Caribbean - Mali - Iraq

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3S Cottage View
A 559 View
Abou Chakra View
Achrafieh 1646 View
Achrafieh 315 View
Achrafieh 450 View
Achrafieh Heights View
ACS Faculty Building View
Adon et Myrrh View
Ahmad Youssef Building View
Al Falamanki View
Allee Des Arts View
Amar Cafe View
Antelias 119 View
Antelias 1633 View
Ashrafieh Tower View
Audi Chalet View
Badaro 5607 View
Balamand View
Bar Tartine View
Batroun Business Center View
Bayada Building View
Beit Beirut View
Beit Halawani View
Bel Horizon II View
Bocti Warhouses View
Boulevard Heights View
Bread View
Byblos Beach Village View
Byblos Sud View
Byblos Sud View
Café La Joie View
Calypso View
Caprice View
Casa Ferrari View
Casa Layan View
Casablanca View
Casper and Gambini's View
Cat & Mouth View
Chalet Itani Yabroudi View
Charabaty building View
Chekka Hotel View
Cosi-Dubai View
Crepaway Kaslik View
DB Project View
Dbayeh 288 View
D-Project View
Ecole Athenee De Beirut View
Ecole Patriarchale de Raboue View
Eden Rose View
Edge View
EK Project View
El Khalil Beach House View
Em Sherif Sea Cafe View
Embassy II View
Ermitage Faqra View
Faqra 8116 View
FH Project View
FKH View
FNB Headquarters View
Foch Ville View
G Chalet View
Glass Factory View
Grand Hyatt View
Hadath Sport Facility View
Hazmieh 5140 View
Hilton Beirut View
Homsi/Amm/Habis View
I - Ski View
Jieh Beach House View
K Galleria View
Kalani Resort View
Kleos 178 View
La Cuizina View
La Parilla View
La Plage Batroun View
La Siesta Beach Resort View
La Tabakha View
Le Sushi Bar View
Lebanese Canadian Hospital View
Lebanese Swiss Bank View
LWFC Promenade View
Main View
Majzoub Business Park View
Majzoub Residence View
Mandaloun Sur Mer View
Medawar 38 View
Medical Center View
Mina El Hoson Lot 1133 View
Nachard House View
Obey Residence View
Olympic stadium View
Ramada Star Tower View
Retail Central View
Rmeil 1916 View
Saifi Attics View
Saradar Bank View
Senteurs d'Orient View
Snow Flake View
Sofar 493 View
Solaris View
SRC Foundation View
SST View
ST Project View
Studio 43 View
Sultan Ibrahim View
Tamado View
TBT Faqra View
Toyota Lexus City View
Triade View
UCA Headquarters View
Utrix View
Utrix Factory View
Villa 9 View
Villa Al Ouyoun View
Villa Baakline View
Villa Brih View
Villa Dubot View
Villa El Khalil View
Villa Haidar View
Villa Monla & Arab View
Villa Moukheiber View
Villa Najjar View
Villa Nazih Kassem View
Villa Oueida View
Villa Semaan View
VOX Cinemas-BCC View
Wooden Bakery View
Woodian View
World Bank View