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WTA offers MEP Design of commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and health care facilities. The MEP services are divided into the following areas of specialization:
1. HVAC: Cooling and Heating load calculation, using HAP- Carrier software. Indoor Air Quality is done as per ASHRAE’s latest standard. Implemented Systems include chilled water, VRV, DX, Hot water Boilers, VAV’s, Ice storage, Geothermal and Heat pumps.
2. Plumbing: Using both American and French standards, the plumbing design includes hot water production design, drainage and water supply piping, in addition to water treatment plant design.
3. Fire protection: Using both American NFPA and the European/French Norms for fire protection and fire safety. The design includes: Sprinkler system, wet risers, dry risers, fire hose cabinets, smoke management and specialty suppression system.
4. Building management system (BMS): Control schematics and sequences, in addition to defining the BMS points and interfaces.
5. Lighting: Indoor and outdoor lighting design, using computer aided simulation to meet the required illumination level, uniformity and glare.
6. Power distribution: Cable sizing, voltage drop and short circuit calculations, protective device selection, main distribution and panel board design, standby generators plant, synchronizing panel and automatic transfer switches design.
7. Security and low current systems: Closed circuit television systems (CCTV), fire alarm and voice evacuation systems, intrusion alarm systems, access control systems, SMATV distribution, and public address system.
8. Telecommunication: Telephone / data structured cabling, LAN/WAN design, WIFI system.